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Praying Away the Violence

I live not too far from Richmond, California, population about 101,000. Richmond carries the distinction of being ranked one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. The north western side of the city, in particular, looks pretty damn shitty.

Recently a flock of religious folks and clergy gathered together in Richmond, as part of the program “Walk, Knock and Pray”, and descended on the doors of their neighbors. Why? Because they believe their door to door message of peace, along with a free bible, will help curb the continuing violence in their city. Once they’ve curbed the violence by spiritual means, it is hoped they’ll descend upon the wards of V.A. hospitals around the country and pray back the limbs of amputees.

“I believe that God is going to use Richmond as his proving ground to demonstrate that churches across denominational lines, across racial lines, can come together for the good of the people”, says one of the church leaders. Wow! Now that’s saying a lot!

Listen to this, I really believe the Knock and Pray thing can work!  How? Well, Richmond has over 110 churches with thousands of its worshipers behind its doors. Should each of those worshipers spend 3-4 hours each day hitting their neighbors doors, at the end of the day the thugs will be so worn out from answering their doors all day long, that they can’t even pick up the gun they’d stolen from the gal who bought it to protect herself from thieves. Deterrent by fatigue, I call it.  Well, that’s my theory, and there are no existing statistics to discredit my bullshit theory.

Next time, organizers from “Walk, Knock and Pray” will head for their neighbors doors again. This time they aim to pray away the urge for premarital sex among those who cannot afford children.

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  1. Smokie | August 14, 2010 at 3:05 PM | Permalink

    You talk about religion more than people who believe in religion. How ironic that your favorite topic is what you are so proud NOT to be: a Christian. That’s like a person who is drug free always talking about crack and heroin. ALWAYS.

  2. Godless Negress | August 16, 2010 at 5:43 PM | Permalink

    Your comment “You talk about religion more than people who believe in religion”

    My response: Show me proof that I talk more about religion than people who believe in religion. (we both know you can’t prove that, don’t we)

    I don’t believe you understand the meaning of the word “irony”.

    Those who work in drug treatment facilities, as I have for many years, discuss, write articles/books, give lectures, attend conferences, etc., about crack, heroin, alcoholism. I suppose you also find that ironic, right?

    So tell me, what are you really angry about? Is it that you yourself are questioning your beliefs in the imaginary man in the sky?

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