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The Party I Almost Didn’t Go To

I don’t much like parties anymore because I usually feel very much like the outsider I am. Often people will assume I fit the black woman label, and I hate being in that situation. This is the black label: 1)deep belief in god, 2) black boyfriend/husband, 3) very familiar w/jazz, 4) financially/educationally challenged, 5) love to dance, 6) live in a bad neighborhood, 7)Love Obama….the list goes on. I don’t much fit that label and people get confused because to them I must not be really black because blacks do certain things because there’s a well read list of things black people do somewhere in their closet behind the box of cheap broken jewelry and old sea shells.  So I tend to stay away from parties.

But I went to this party. Why? Because the women who invited me are adorable and they talk to me like I’m one of a kind, AND we share the same moral values: we don’t kill, rob, steal, rape, or drive hummers, and we deeply value everyone’s right to live and let live. Also, we believe religion is the major reason the world is fucked up.  They are very bright, peace loving, funny, outgoing, compassionate, wonderfully wild, and the only expectation they seem to have of me is that….I………….me!

I almost didn’t go to this party because I was afraid of having to deal with the “black label”, but that didn’t happen and I had a wonderful time in their charming home with the good booze/food/dog, and their “fun-crazy” atheist friends almost made me leak happy tears. I cannot wait to be invited back again!

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