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Returning from the Rapture.

I’m going to say what some people will say on May 22nd, which is this… “Once again God has shown mercy to non-believers and the Rapture will take place according to His plan.” And, some time later, as it always has, another doomsday will be predicted and the stupid will once again await that day and curse the disbelievers.

Some time before May 21st I want to have a garage sale for all those who believe May 21 is the day they’ll rise up and meet their god. And what I don’t sell I’ll resale to the original owners on May 22 at an inflated rate, of course. And when I sell back to them their old shit, I will smile and say to them, “I didn’t expect the Rapture to be over so soon. How was it?”

On May 22nd some of the idiots who believed in the Rapture will abandon their religion and begin to question their beliefs, and their rusty brain cells, that have lain dormant in the quagmire of religious stupidity, will blossom into something that doesn’t smell like bullshit.

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