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What Stock to Buy?

I’ll put my money in companies that provide armed security. My guess is that is where monied supporters of the NRA will investing their cash. If the NRA’s advice is taken, which is to provide armed security for every school in America, then I’ll be dripping with Benjamins. Of course, I will probably have to look into purchasing some automatic weapons to guard my newly bought expensive property.

So, people, why stop at providing armed security at school? How safe are our children at Chuck E Cheese? Daycare without armed security? Will you allow your children on those pony rides at the fairgrounds without security personnel standing nearby with automatic rifles in hand. Toys R Us are you listening?

Personally, I don’t think the NRA goes far enough because they haven’t addressed this: who will protect the armed security from armed attackers? Security Snipers?

Armed attackers seem to be into that thing called “element of surprise.” They catch us when we least expect it. That must stop and here’s how: we’ll make a law whereby would be deadly attackers must be schooled in “attack etiquette”, in order to learn to adapt to the rules of fair play. They must understand that catching someone off guard is not fair at all, and a notice of some kind must be sent to security, when and where the deadly attack will be occurring, so that the armed guards will be prepared, arms drawn.

Yep, I’m putting my money into gun manufacturing stock because we’ll need a lot more guns if the NRA gets their way.

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