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What Stock to Buy?

I’ll put my money in companies that provide armed security. My guess is that is where monied supporters of the NRA will investing their cash. If the NRA’s advice is taken, which is to provide armed security for every school in America, then I’ll be dripping with Benjamins. Of course, I will probably have to [...]

Ahhh….Dirty Priestly Humor*

There once were two priests, father Dick and father Ray. One day after a very long mass, the two priests decided to hit the showers, halfway through there showers the priests realized that there was no soap. So, father Ray says to Father dick “I have extra soap in my room, I’ll go get some”. [...]

Returning from the Rapture.

I’m going to say what some people will say on May 22nd, which is this… “Once again God has shown mercy to non-believers and the Rapture will take place according to His plan.” And, some time later, as it always has, another doomsday will be predicted and the stupid will once again await that day [...]

Man at the Wall (Humor)

A news reporter goes to see a Jewish man who has been going to the western wall in Israel to pray once a day for 70 years, the reporter goes up to him and says, “hello I’m a reporter for the BBC and we know you’re quite famous around this wall so we were wondering [...]

Custom License Plate: I CEL DRGS

While walking my dog around the neighborhood I noticed a young, dark brown skin man with corn rows, gold front teeth, super loose fitting designer sports clothes and eye blinding white tennis shoes. He drives up to a nearby townhouse, ignoring the “visitor parking” sign across the road, and parks in the no parking zone [...]

Atheist Potion

If you had one piece of hot, fluffy, fresh buttery cornbread that contained a potion which could turn a god believer into a Richard Dawkins lovin’ atheist, who would you offer the bread to and why? Ummmm…..I’m gettin’ hungry.

Thank God for Satan

Pat Condell is going to hell. He is going to that eternal fiery pit, from which we have so many first hand accounts of demonic torture. Can you believe that Mr. Condell has the nerve to give Satan credit for giving Christians something to do? Well, lawdy, lawdy!

God’s Plan for Human Free Will

I will make a game I will choose the players I will make the rules I will determine the outcome Have fun! I cannot wait to see who winner will be!

Daddy and Daughter and Baby Makes Three

Ahh….there’s nothing like a modern day biblical love story like the one right out of the book of Genesis, you know when Adam and Eve’s children are fucking each other, begating a whole new generation of people. I say if that kind of love was good enough for God’s original children’s children, then it’s good [...]

Don’t Eat That Halloween Candy

Opening your doors to those little Trick or Treaters can be dangerous to your spiritual health, according to Kimberly Daniels, and buying that Halloween candy poses threats you could never have imagined. Boo!